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Organization of the largest exhibition of new buildings in Western Ukraine [Case]
How did we turn from customers to the largest exhibition of new buildings in Western Ukraine
Problem Solving = Creating an Idea
We have been working with the real estate of Ukraine for 3 years. For ourselves, we concentrated 2 main tasks.
1. Buyers need help with the choice of real estate.
2. The developer needs more sales.

Therefore, our real estate agency PRO Novobudovy helps to choose housing, and the consulting company Metod Estate sell the developer more apartments.

Sales managers of real estate agencies have limited opportunities to handle incoming customer flow and can not handle more than X customers per day. We asked ourselves: "What if we make a site where there will be 10 times more sales managers and 100 times more buyers than usual"? It will be a blast of sales in one place. So we are burning with the idea of holding such an event. They came up with the name "Forum of Real Estate" and started the organization.

P.S. In ukrainian "Forum of Real Estate" sound "Форум Новобудов"
Goals of the Forum
In each of our projects, we set goals to understand where to move. There were several purposes for the forum:
1. Sales. The main reason for the developer to participate in the Forum is sales. How can I guarantee this? Point number 2
2. Customers. Our goal is to make 3,000 registrations for the Forum. This ensures that there will always be buyers at the Forum and that the developer will recoup investments many times.
3. Organization and Reputation. To hold the event at a high level, we hired professionals in their business, who already did events in the Arena Lviv - Global Event. This will allow you to think over every little thing. To become the market number 1, we try to work with the same professionals in other areas.
Stage №1. Audience of developers
To inform the developers of the offer to participate in the Forum, we developed and printed a commercial offer. Vitaly Ryzhak is personally acquainted with the majority of decision makers in construction companies, so the commercial offer was transferred directly at the meeting.
It took 2 weeks, 80% of developers knew about the forum, 20% gave their prior consent, the remaining final decision was not accepted. It was necessary to help developers to think over the proposal, so we proceeded to the next step - launching an email newsletter.
The task of email dispatches is to constantly keep in the information flow of all developers. The newsletter was written about all the news and the main events of the Forum. We told about:
- Advertising budget
- The date of the start of the advertising campaign
- General partner, construction company "MC Bud"
- Partners of the event
- The main prize of 100.000 UAH, which will be raffled among the visitors of the Forum
- The number of billboards that will be used for advertising throughout Lviv
- Activities that we have already organized
- Increase the number of occupied stands every day on the scheme.
- Which developers participated in the Forum
- Number of registrations for the Forum
Video screening of the venue where the stands will be located, the stage where the seminar will be held, etc.

There were 10 letters in all. Together with the email mailing we launched an advertisement in Facebook on the developers' database. That is, all the decision makers of Lviv in construction companies knew exactly what the Forum would be and monitored the development of events.
Example video that developers saw
Point advertising, email distribution and correct information allowed us to receive confirmation of participation in the Forum from 80% of developers.
Stage №2. Audience of buyers
To get more than 3,000 registrations, the buyer needs reasons to come to the Forum. This is the first thing we worked on and wanted to create a wave of value for any apartment buyer. Reasons to come to the Forum:
1. In one place, 80% of developers of Lviv are gathered. The buyer can compare for 3 hours all offers on the market and make a decision to buy directly at the Forum.
2. Discounts from developers up to -15%. We have agreed with the developers that the condition of participation in the Forum will be a mandatory unique discount. Some developers gave a discount of -15%.
3. Educational seminar, which is hosted by the chief architect of Lviv Julian Chaplinsky, real estate lawyer Tatiana Kordiaka, TOP sales managers of real estate agency PRO Novobudovy.
4. Lottery 100.000 UAH in cash. A gift from the main partner of the Forum.
5. Lottery of valuable prizes from the Forum participants.
6. The entrance is free only with the preliminary registration on the site.
4512 registrations and 2510 visitors
To achieve such results, we have done:
- Site that converted every fifth user to the registration. Site conversion 19.47%
- The system of partner registrations, which brought 22% of all registrations
- Applied all advertising channels: Facebook, Youtube, Google, SMS, Email and Viber mailings, SEO promotion, advertising on the portal Encyclopedia of New Buildings, outdoor advertising.
- Filmed videos, which in the personal account on the site explained the rules of participation in the drawing, which increased the number of registrations by partner links and reduced the number of questions with questions.
- Developed a system of registrations through the phone to prevent fraudulent fraud with registrations. One phone is one registration.
- Updated the ads so that the audience reacted actively to the Forum.
Forum of Real Estate 2017. The largest exhibition of new buildings from Western Ukraine.
The video that Facebook saw more than 50,000 users
Everyone who registered for the Forum, called Vitaly Ryzhak. Therefore at 10:00 on the Arena of Lviv there was a turn.
For those who did not come on the first day of the Forum, once again called Vitaly. The call was aimed at surprising people and motivating to come the next day. We got it. On the second day 29% more visitors came.
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